In any endeavor, no matter the scope, it is important to have the constant and steady support of Friends and Family. In that regard we have been truly blessed! We would like to take the time to mention some people who have helped make the podcast possible.

First, we would like to thank our listeners! Without those who have trudged through early episodes while we were finding our groove and tweaking our sound, we may not have had the drive to keep recording. Knowing there are those out there actually listening to our nonsense encourages us to keep making content. So long as there is even one person listening to our show we will keep putting it out there.

Next, we would like to thank our Friends and Family! Without the support of those who know us best, we wouldn’t have the honest, constructive criticism that helps us better ourselves and better our brand. So long as we have the raw feedback from those close to us and the encouragement of loved ones we will always continue down the path of improvement.

Finally we would like to thank those who have supported us financially! Without the donations we have received it would not have been possible to maintain the quality in our episodes. We have been improving our equipment when we can and their support and suggestions have been a godsend and a relief.

A Special thanks to those who directly impacted the podcast

In no particular order:

  • Katie Clayton
  • Carolyn Clayton and Bill Santo
  • Leon Clayton
  • Cindy Winter
  • Adam Post (Postal Productions Web Hosting)
  • Zack Butler

Web Hosting

Web hosting provided by Postal Production

Music Credits

Thank you to Joseph McDade for allowing us to use his music.